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I love being with people who have a like-minded appreciation of the gospel, who love to share the gift of music.

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Colin Williams began singing at the tender age of 3 and at the age of 18 started directing his church gospel choir. 

His love of music led to him singing with and supporting various choirs, groups and solo artists such as Graham Kendrick, Steve & Velveta Thompson, Avery  Sunshine, Alexandra Burke, Harlem Gospel Choir, Jennifer Holliday, Jamelia,  Carlene Anderson, Heather Small, JP Cooper, US artistes Deronda K. Lewis, and other artists such as Vincent Bohanan, Dorinda Clark Cole to name but a few.


A Singer, songwriter and vocal arranger, Colin has also worked for the BBC, doing TV and radio programmes as the BBC's "Songs of Praise" and BBC Radio 2's "Gospel Train". Having worked and toured with various groups and artists Colin has worked with community performing arts organisations both here and in Europe (mainly Poland and Germany, developing and encouraging individuals to reach their goals in the music industry.


A man with God-given energy, a  passion for gospel music and with an incredible ear for pitch perfection, Colin works with a determination to draw the best vocal sound out of every student and to teach individuals to "sing with gusto", which guarantees a truly unforgettable and vocal changing experience. 

Guest Director for BBC Songs of Praise
Harlem Gospel Choir master class
Guest Director for Liverpool Harmonic choir
St John's International School Belgium
Guest soloist at Bottrop Gospel
Nacht Festival Germany
Director of The Celebration Choir 
Director of United Voices Concert Choir 
Guest Director with the New York International Gospel Festival Mass Choir
Director of United Voices Youth Chorale
Vocal coach for Urban Colours Youth Chorale
Choir Director for Queens Jubilee Baton Ceremony
Backing vocalist for Salvation Army Big Band album
Medgar Evers College Choir (Brooklyn School of Music)
Acting Director for The Commonwealth Games Volunteers Ceremony
The rest of the musical story is yet to be written...
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